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Feng Shui Garden Planting.

Plants of course are at the very heart of every garden, however in a Feng Shui garden the combining of plants with foliage, and contrasts in color and texture not only looks appealing but will help to balance the yin and yang energies. Plants can help to create visual and acoustic privacy, softening the effects of negative chi. Flowering and fruit shrubs attract very beneficial chi and invite living creatures into your garden. It is a law of nature to blossom into a plentiful tree that shares its fruit.

Small shrubs are best placed in the Southern area of your Feng Shui garden. Be sure not to block any of your entry ways or windows with plants. 

Planting purple and red bougainvillea attract wealth as these colors represent prosperity and are very important feng shui colors.

Shrubs which can be useful for their positive influence in the feng shui garden include camellia and roses, however, there are many others such as forsythia, shrubby clematis and rhododendron.

In the East of the garden, grow trees such as the Chinese dove tree and silk tree as well as their weeping forms. For fragrance, lilacs have a lot to offer. In the Western area grow flowers, especially scented varieties and combine them with low-growing shrubs. 


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