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Grecian Flower Market
Painted by John William Waterhouse in 1880. 


Introduction of a florist


Florists design and prepare flower arrangements, and sell flowers, indoor plants and accessories such as vases and baskets.

Alternative Titles

- Flower Arranger/Seller
- Floral Designer
- Flower Retailer

Tasks and Duties

A florist:

- attends markets and bids for flowers
- treats flowers to extend their life
- designs and puts together flower arrangements, such as bouquets, posies and bunches
- designs flowers for functions and special occasions
- helps people choose flowers or plants
- takes and makes up orders for flower arrangements
- writes messages on cards
- delivers or arranges delivery of flowers
- looks after flowers and indoor plantsbuys wrap, plants, vases and baskets from sales representatives
- keeps shop displays neat and tidy
- keeps records and accounts
- sweeps and cleans the shop of plant debris.






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