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Feng Shui Decorations on your Christmas tree

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is the decorations and most particularly the spectacular centerpiece - the Christmas Tree. Follow these guidelines and enjoy a beautifully transformed magical home over the whole Christmas.

Use plenty of green. Christmas can be stressful because there is so much red fire energy. Pine green is a cooling colour, so plants and evergreens will cool the atmosphere and bring peace and good feelings. Green also absorbs the fire energy that is created by fairy lights as well as the warmth generated by lots of people together. Its soothing colour will tone and balance the colour red.

Angels and cherubs are lucky symbols - they fill the room with good will, peace and a fairytale atmosphere.

Make sure everyone (including house guests) places something on the Christmas tree so that they put their own special feelings into it to make the gathering more special.

Heed the Chinese phrase ' five colors blind' - which means too much color, sound and activity can have a numbing effect upon on. Too much food and color will exhaust the family, so don't put up decorations too early. 


GOLD & SILVER - can strengthen your intuition and it represents ostentation, money and fame. 

RED - the color of life - and the most auspicious color of all. It relates to growth, happiness and joy. It is the great energizer representing deep and passionate love. It is also believed to keep away evil forces.

BLUE - represents spiritualism, thoughtfulness and consideration. It is associated with faith, constancy and fidelity; this color is cooling and calming.

PURPLE - is often considered more auspicious than red. It is associated with high ideals, loyalty, truth, love and suffering. It is often the color of high nobility indicating power, riches and fortunes.

WHITE - is the color of mourning, it is said to have no life, no color. It is the color of purity, innocence and naivety. Feng Shui would prefer you not to use this color.

PINK - is healing and represents love and romance. It is a very soothing color and it raises our vibrations so it is a very healthy color to have around you. It represents joy, happiness and especially romance.

MULTI - COLORED - this represents the union of all the colors in the spectrum and each color will impart its special nature, do make sure that multi colored decorations are always used on green Christmas trees as the green balances our whole system and brings order and harmony.




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