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  HOME AND GARDEN Far East Feng Shui  

Feng Shui and plants in the home

Plants generate their own special flow of chi energy and create a fresher atmosphere and help to compensate for the dead materials found in the home, such as plastic and synthetic substances. Place plants by electrical appliances to counteract the detrimental chi energy given off by the appliance. 

Different plants will have different effects depending on their general shape, the shape of their leaves and flowers and their colour. Plants with pointed leaves e.g. Peace lily are more yang and help to move chi energy more quickly. Prickly plants e.g. cacti encourage fire energy, low spreading plants e.g. Selaginella produce soil energy, those with small round leaves e.g. Jade plant, metal energy and trailing plants e.g. Ivies, water energy.

The large floppy leaves of the Swiss Cheese Plant - Monstera deliciosa are yin and is an ideal species for an area that needs calming especially in the south, southwest and northeast. Another yin plant is the common Spider Plant - Chlorophytum comosum which is ideal in the north. A typical yang houseplant would be Dracaena marginata and can be placed in a corner to stimulate the chi energy there and combines the wood and fire elements with its strong upward growth and sharply pointed leaves. 

Feng shui and flowers in the home

Fresh flowers bring a lively chi energy to the home especially if they are healthy and well looked after. Dried flowers symbolise death and decay and so are best avoided!

Depending on their colour and shape flowers will enhance the chi energy of particular directions. Here are the properties of a few of the commonly available fresh flowers; 

Tulips; carry metal energy, red tulips in a western aspect create romance and pink tulips pleasure.

Iris; are associated with vitality and passion and free energy.

Sunflowers; have fire energy and a powerful stabilizing influence.

Carnations; the pink and red ones enhance romance and pleasure while the white carnations add dignity and serenity.

Anemone; is associated with metal energy and red ones in a west facing bathroom could help prevent chi energy from dispersing.

Daisy; white daisies in the north add tranquillity, in the northwest dignity and in the northeast motivation.

Mimosa; with its abundance of small yellow balls mimosa increases the chi energy of the centre. So place them in the centre of your home to keep your life more centred.

Lily; the flowers that point down give a settling influence and can be used to quieten and over-active part of your home.

Rose; red roses will increase the chi energy of romance and style especially if place in the west.



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