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Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese system of arranging our environment so that we can live more in harmony with our surroundings. The main principles of Feng shui are as follows.

1. The concept of Chi energy, this is understood a subtle flow of electromagnetic energy which links all things in the universe and the flow of Chi energy is the basis of Feng shui.

2. Yin and Yang, are the basic energies of the universe and are relative terms to compare everything e.g. yang is summer and south and yin is winter and north. 

3. The Five Elements or Five Forces consist of Water, Metal, Earth, Fire and Wood and are a refinement of teh priciples of yin and yang e.g. Wood encompasses all growing vegetable life and is realted to spring, the new sunrise and towards the east. Its colour is plant green, often with a tinge of blue to reflect the sky or the China sea.

4. The Eight Directions or Trigrams, the eight different kinds of Chi energy that are each associated with the eight directions of the compass.

Feng Shui for the garden.

fengshuigarden.jpg (17224 bytes)Garden feng shui is in many respects the most important part of feng shui practice, "for it is here that the quality of the energy that surrounds our living space is determined. If you can ensure that the feng shui that surrounds the exterior of your home is good, then the auspicious energies that are created will far surpass anything else you may do inside the home."

North (career) - A water feature brings excellent feng shui, but make sure the water is not allowed to become stagnant. Balance is important, so be careful not to dig a huge swimming pool which will overwhelm the house - a fishpond, fountain or birdbath is usually sufficient !

Northeast (knowledge) - Brick walls and paved surfaces are suitable here. A good place for a rock garden. This area represents young sons in the family and a play area would ideally be sited here.

East (ancestors) - According to the principles of feng shui, the east is the abode of the green dragon. A hedge or border of green plants is most auspicious. This location is also associated with the oldest son of the family, considered the most precious because he represents the head of the next generation.

Southeast (wealth) - An abundance of plants should be grown in this area. This is the 'wealth' corner, and water features placed here can often bring exceptionally good luck to the household. Make sure the water feature can be seen from the house.

South (fame) - Brightly coloured flowers, particularly red, will attract energy. Not a good place for a water feature, because water clashes with the element of fire associated with this area. Make sure the flowers are flourishing and replace them if they show signs of sickness.

South west (relationship) - This area represents mother earth. Energising this corner with lights is helpful. A Japanese-style garden with stone lights, pebbles and stepping stones would be perfect feng shui.

West (children) - West is the abode of the feng shui tiger, so plants should be kept low. This is the area designated for the youngest daughter and white flowers are especially suitable.

Northwest (benefactors) - This area represents the head of the household and it is particularly important that this area has good feng shui or the whole family will be adversely affected. There is a lot of yang energy here and the best strategy is to keep this part of the garden plain. Stones and pebbles are also suitable here.


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