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Agave-Mexican Agave, Century  
The Greek word "agave" means admirable or highborn (in origin).  This plant came to Greece from Mexico. However, its name is Greek and it was probably used because the Greek Agave was one of the "lesser" gods of the Moon, that means that she was one of the faces of the ancient Mother Earth of the Mediterranean; the ground in Jalisco, Mexico, reminds a lot of the ground in Mediterranean countries. Agave was the daughter of Kadmus, King of Thebes, and sister of Semele who was Dionysusí mother.  When Semeli was thunder-striken by Zeus, Agave spread the rumor that Zeus killed her sister because she spoke badly of him. 

Later on, Dionysus avenged his motherís death and punished Agave very severely. When Dionysus returned to Thebes, where Pentheus, son of Agave, was the king, he ordered all the women of the town to go to Mount Kithairon and perform rituals in his honour.  Pentheus, who did not approve the introduction of such worship, tried to spy on the women. His mother noticed his shadow, but thinking it was a wild animal, she dismembered and devoured him.

Althaea-Marsh Mallow   
The following legend has no connection to this plant, other than its name.  Althea was the wife of Oineus, King of Kalydona, the mother of Deianeira and Meleager.  When her son turned seven days old, the goddesses of Destiny (the three Moirae) visited her and told her that her baby would die if the torch that was lighted in the house at the moment was burned down to the end.  Immediately, Althea put off the torch and hid it in a chest.  Meleager grew up and became a famous hero but during the quest for the Kalydon boar, Meleager killed by mistake his uncles, Altheaís brothers.  Althea went berserk and threw the torch into the fire.  Meleager died immediately.  When Althea realized what had happened she hang herself in despair.






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