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Anemone-Wind flower
The name of anemone plant is connected with the ancient myth, telling the famous love story between Adonis and Aphrodite.  This specific myth inspired great poets like Ovidius or, much later, Shakespeare, to compose hymns dedicated to love, but we will only quote the part related to the flower.  According to this myth, when Adonis lived with Aphrodite, the two lovers would go hunting in the woods. As Adonis chased game through the forest, the goddess would follow closely behind, in her swan-driven chariot, dressed as a huntress. Aphrodite's ex-lover, the god of war Ares, grew jealous of her affair with the mortal. While his rival was hunting alone, Ares disguised himself as a boar and attacked Adonis causing him lethal injuries.Adonis used his spear to strike back to Ares, but was soon gored to death by the boar's great tusks. Aphrodite hurried to Adonis in her chariot, but his soul had already descended into the Underworld. In despair, she sprinkled nectar on Adonis’ wounds.

As Aphrodite bore her lover's body out of the woods, crimson anemones sprung up where each drop of blood and nectar fell onto the earth. It is said that that the wind which blows the blossoms open, will soon afterwards blow the petals away; so it is called the Anemone, or Wind Flower, for that which brings forth its life, ends it.

Adonis- Pheasant's eye.
It would be an omission not to mention that there is one more flower by the name of Adonis, which possesses medicinal properties. However, it is obvious that the flower the myth refers to is another famous Greek flower. It is the field poppy, certainly the prince of weeds with the beautiful red color (Adonis blood).

This next piece of information is not exactly a legend, but we found it to be one of the neatest things we read. The flower got its name from the Greek goddess Iris, goddess of the rainbow. Iris was also know to be the messenger of Zeus and Hera. Iris would take messages from "the eye of Heaven" to earth travelling on the arc of the rainbow. The word iris means "eye of heaven". It was the name given to the goddess, this flower, and the center of your eye. This means that each of us carries a piece of heaven with us.






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