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The Bach flower remedies

The History

Dr. Edward Bach

The Bach Flower Remedies are a series of herbal therapies (essences) that are used to harmonize the mind, body and spirit so as to improve the overall functioning of the human condition. The remedies are thought to assist the body in healing itself when needed.

These remedies, first developed in the late 1920ís, were first introduced by Dr. Eduard Bach- a well known medical doctor and homeopathic physician. Dr, Bach believed that independent of other factors, a personís negative attitude predisposes them to ill health. Dr. Bach began to diagnose and treat conditions clinically based on a personís emotional states rather than oneís actual physical symptoms.

Dr. Bach eventually left his post at the London Homeopathic Hospital in order to return to the countryside where he began an intensive study of plants and their healing effects. It was here that he developed these new remedies from the flower part of plants. The remedies were geared towards addressing the emotional and mental conditions of his patients. By the time of his death in 1936, Dr. Bach had developed a total of 38 different flower remedies.

Since then, other practitioners from around the world have continued studying and researching the benefits of "Flower Essence Therapy", as this form of intervention has come to be called. From this original research came the establishment of the Flower Essence Society, a non-profit research organization which was founded in 1979. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of these researchers, many new essences are currently available.

How They Work

The essences are made from the flower elements of plants. The flowers are cut at the precise point of their blooming through a process known as solar extraction, a method thought to be developed by Dr. Bach. The essences appear to work as a catalyst aiding the bodyís own natural defenses in its attempts to rid itself of an illness. This is similar to the functioning of homeopathic interventions. The essences, administered in liquid form, help to restore the balance between mind and body so that ones own natural defensive capacities are enhanced. The essences target emotional states that depress the mind and the immune system causing ill health. Dr. Bach grouped these remedies according to their effectiveness in dealing with particular emotions such as depression, fear, loneliness, guilt, forgetfulness, etc.


Documented cases demonstrate that these remedies have been effective in treating a broad range of conditions and ailments. Conditions effectively treated include depression, allergies, body tensions, stress, and learning disorders as well as improve ones ability to deal with the many life challenges. Again, by restoring the balance between mind and body. When ones body is more relaxed and balanced, its natural ability to heal is enhanced. As the remedies do not produce any biochemical reactions within the body, they are thought to be safe to use during pregnancy as well. These remedies are ideal for things like of mood swings, depression, fatigue and feelings of anxiety that some women experience during this time.






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