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  DIRECTORY - ΚΑΤΑΛΟΓΟΣ » Gardening - gardening, flowers, herbs, roses, bulbs & gifts!, the ultimate one stop shop virtual garden center provides over 20,000 related garden products and in-depth garden content and instruction.

plants lists and data
Gardening community for learning and laughing with other friedly gardeners.

Burpee Seeds Home Gardening
Home Gardening tips on perennials, annuals, bedding plants, bulbs from W. Atlee Burpee Seed Company...

Horticulture Online
Great gardening articles from Horticulture magazine! Find info about floriculture, garden design, xeriscape, flower gardening, hydroponics, vegetable - information on flower bulbs and garden trends
The home page of, a source of news, photographs, and technical information on flower bulbs and garden trends for print, broadcast and ...
Your Premier Gardening Resource: Reviews on Roses, Orchids, Bulbs, Tree Ferns, Ornamental Shrubs, Garden Flowers, Aquatic Species, Landscaping Ideas,

Monterey Bay Nursery, Inc.
Wholesale nursery serving California and Reno/Tahoe. Descriptive catalog of about 1000 varieties with over 1000 pictures and photos.

Floridata Encyclopedia of Gardening and Nature
Floridata is a Plant Encyclopedia and nature reference with features on gardening, the environment, and natural science - great for gardeners,...

3D Garden Composer
Garden design software and encyclopedia of plants

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